Le GRAND vie


Caleigh Le Grand is a Toronto-based actor/writer/producer. She grew up playing in the world of theatre and earned her Honours and Specialization in Media Information Technoculture along with her Level Two Writer’s Certificate from the University of Western Ontario. She followed her academics with numerous professional ventures - ranging from public relations to world-wide jet-setting as a flight attendant with Air Canada - then circled back to ground herself with acting.

Beginning with theoretical studies in university, Le Grand also maintained her photography practice as it grew from passion to profession after publishing her first photograph in her city’s newspaper at age 16. Through an acting gig, she became fast friends with the on-set cinematographer, Jayant Khare, which led to the combining of their professional endeavors. Together, they co-founded Raw Photography in 2013 and have since grown into a recognized, go-to photography team in and around Toronto.

Le Grand began her writing career in journalism and has since worked in the PR, online magazine, and advertising sectors. She now centralizes her writing endeavors in the entertainment industry as a stage- and screenwriter as well as a contributing columnist and production critic for publications such as Amy Sky’s Alive & Awake and Comedy Uncovered.

Le Grand is found onstage, backstage, in front of as well as behind the camera, in a myriad of improv shows, digital productions, and other film and television performances.


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