call me cales

(or by any other name)

I'm Canadian. I act, write, direct, shoot, produce. I grew up playing in the world of theatre, earned my Honours & Specialization in Media Information Technoculture and Level II Writer’s Certificate from the University of Western Ontario, alongside my studies in psychology and philosophy.


I've lived nine lives — a Leo at heart as much as in my stardust — having worked as a journalist, a flight attendant, a cycling and yoga instructor, in public relations, advertising, and service sectors, before grounding myself with acting, writing, filmmaking, and podcasting.

I continue to play with photography and graphic design, alongside my partner at Raw Photography, and still freelance and ghostwrite. Most of the time, you'll find me on-/backstage, in front of and behind cameras, lights, and mics, doing improv, podcasts, digital productions, film, and television.

I stan for cheese, yelling, "Sports!" when people cheer in sports bars, and the Oxford comma.